Nov 22

BEAST Newsletter Fall 2016

The BEAST 2016 Fall Newsletter is out!

Get all the news and info you need for the upcoming 2016/2017 season.

See the following link and read online or print.


Nov 04

BEAST Poker Rally 2017

Mark your calendars for the 2017 BEAST Poker Rally on Saturday Feb 11,2017.

Once again we will be running from Danby’s in Munster.


Nov 04

Swail Trail Improvements

Here are some pictures of work completed to improve on the E trail between Carroll Road and Hwy. 43 North west of Smiths Falls. This was a collaborative effort between the BEAST and Rideau Ridge Riders. This work could not of happened without the dry summer we had and the continued co-operation of our understanding and supportive landowner Vince Carroll. This is a 2km stretch of trail that was hard to maintain, sign and groom each winter with a water hole to try and tip toe across. A culvert has also been added as well for the water hole troubles.img_1190 img_1192 img_1211 img_1213 img_1215 img_1233 img_1236 img_1238 img_1243 img_1245 img_1257 img_1260 img_1262 img_1267 img_1270 img_1271 img_1272 img_1273

Oct 29

BEAST Sponsorship 2016/2017

For 2016/2017 we will not be publishing a map as a hard copy, but one will be available on-line, and the OFSC map will follow our updates. Therefore we are not selling BEAST Map Ads, but you still have the option to purchase a POI listing for the OFSC Interactive Trail Guide, only $75 like last year!

Looking for a great way to reach a loyal local market? Promote your business with the BEAST!

Add a POI listing or renew your listing if you already have one! (Only $75) The new or renewed POI listing will get your business promoted on the online OFSC Interactive Trail Guide (the mobile app that many snowmobilers use to navigate OFSC trails), and is a big hit with restaurants, dealerships, motels/hotels, and gas stations, and is a great way to reach snowmobilers who use mobile technology to navigate.

Contact or

Here is an example of the POI from the OFSC website:


Oct 28

BEAST Corporate Ride – Add-On

In addition to the Corporate Ride ….

Some of us have decided to extend the regular “Corporate Ride” on Feb. 17th to 19th to include 2 additional days. We will be leaving Carleton Place Thursday morning and returning Monday afternoon.
Proposed itinerary.
-Thursday Feb. 16th, leave Carleton Place at 8:00 a.m. Meeting
place to be determined. Sled to Deep River using secondary trails.
– Friday Feb. 17th, leave Deep River and sled to Mattawa, hopefully
meeting up with other participants of the Corporate Ride who
decided to trailer to Mattawa Friday morning.
– Saturday Feb. 18th. “Corporate Ride”.
– Sunday Feb. 19th, leave Mattawa and sled to Barry’s Bay.
– Monday Feb. 20th, leave Barry’s Bay and sled to Carleton Place.

If you are participating in the regular “Corporate Ride” you will have
already made your reservations at the Valois Motel in Mattawa.

The first extra night, Thursday the 16th, is in Deep River.
Deep River Motel (613-584-2743)
The rates are as follows,
Single Room, queen bed, 6 rooms available at $69 plus tax
Double Room, 2 double beds, 1 rooms available at $79 plus tax
Double Room, 2 queen beds, 6 rooms available at $89 plus

The second extra night, Sunday the 19th, is in Barry’s Bay.
Ash Grove Inn (888 or 613-756-7672)
The rates are as follows,
Double Room, 2 double beds, 7 rooms available at $85 pp + tax
Suite includes a queen + pullout, 5 suites available at $95 pp +tax
The Ash Grove Inn rates include supper on the arrival night and breakfast next morning.

These extra nights have not been reserved, so it is first come first serve. It is up to you to make your own reservation. Please let us know if you would like to join us, e-mail
Please note, these extra days are 300+ Km’s riding days which will be 7 to 9 hours.

Oct 21

BEAST Corporate / Club Ride — 17-19 Feb 2017

It’s that time once again Ladies and Gents!

This year, we have decided to go to Mattawa where we are pretty much positive there will be snow. Fingers crossed!

The Valois is happy to welcome us the weekend of the 17th, February, 2017 with some very reasonable room rates.

Contact number is 1-705-744-5583.  The Valois has a block of rooms reserved for our group. Just make sure you reserve your room before December 9th, 2016 and tell them you are with the BEAST.

A shoreline room with a kitchenette is $79/night and an upper level room is $59/night but has no kitchenette.

We will trailer up Friday morning early so we can sled in the afternoon and Saturday. Some will be leaving for home on Sunday and others may wish to stay up till Monday. Please make sure you are clear with the Valois on whether you will need two nights or three nights when you register!

For those interested, Jim and I will be at Antrim Truck Stop 8AM on Friday the 17th for breakfast and then on to Mattawa.

So get your sitters organized 😉, if needed and clear your calendar for Friday, February the 17th to Sunday, February the 19th, 2017!

Contact me at 613-253-5486 or if you have any questions.

Sep 21


The 49th Annual General Meeting of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) took place this past weekend in Mississauga and members found out that there may be some light at the end of the tunnel concerning trail closures due to Bill 100.  Over the summer, Bill 100 was entered into the books as the law of the land in Ontario.  Presentations were made to the Ontario government before that happened by the Conservatives, the OFSC and the Ontario Landowners Association (OLA).  As a result of these presentations, the Liberal Government made changes to the bill to clarify the wording to make sure that landowners’ rights were protected and it was clear that any permission for trail use would be voluntary in nature.

At the OFSC AGM, the first speaker was The Honorable Eleanor McMahon, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport.  During her presentation, she reviewed the highlights of Bill 100, the advantages it provided both landowners and trail groups, and the important message that landowners rights would not be affected by this bill.

The second speaker was Steve Clark, MPP Leeds-Grenville, Deputy Leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, and Critic for Tourism, Culture and Sport.  He reviewed his party’s position on Bill 100 saying that he urged the Liberals to pull the bill off the table for further study but when that did not happen, they made presentations to the Liberals to clarify the wording of the bill so landowners would be clear that this legislation would not put their landowner rights in jeopardy.  He was happy to report that as a result of the presentations by his party, the OFSC, and the OLA, the clarification to the wording did happen.

The floor was opened to questions and comments and there were members from across the province who stated that most landowners have reopened their land for snowmobile trails however there were still pockets of resistance, mostly from OLA members and landowners who follow OLA.  OFSC District 9 staff attended the August meeting of the Saugeen Regional Landowners Association (OLA member).  Elizabeth Marshall, research director for the OLA, also attended this meeting and was asked for her thoughts on whether or not she would allow a snowmobile trail to cross her land using the current Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs landowner memorandum of understanding (MOU). She said she would, if some modifications were made to the current MOU.  The changes Ms. Marshall said she would need are: a start date and end date, not an agreement in perpetuity; for the agreement to be non-transferable and non-registerable; change MOU to ‘agreement’; remove the term ‘occupier’ and make it strictly ‘owner’; and make it known that neither the snowmobile club nor the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) is a nominee or agent on the agreement.  This news from the meeting was reported in the Manitoulin Expositor newspaper on September 7, 2016.

As these changes don’t impact landowner or club insurance protection, the OFSC has created a modified MOU designed to incorporate any or all of these suggestions as necessary. At this time, Paul Shaughnessy, Executive Director of the OFSC recommended clubs add these clauses to the existing agreement form to be used with landowners who are still reluctant to let the trails back on their land. The membership was quite relieved to hear that there is significant progress in satisfying the OLA with an agreement that is mutually acceptable with the OFSC.  Fall is arriving and the volunteers will soon be getting trails set up and ready for the coming snowmobile season.  The generosity of the landowners is needed to make these trails happen and a good agreement that takes away landowners concerns is a big benefit.  The clubs are hopeful that this will clear up the remaining landowners who are reluctant to let them back on their property.

Sep 06

Driver Training Courses


We will be offering two courses this season:

  • 19 November 2016, Beckwith Recreation Complex, 1319 – 9th Line Beckwith, 8:30am – 4:30pm. Registration is 7pm to 8pm, 15 Nov 2016, at the Lackey’s house (1405 7th Line, Beckwith). ** PLEASE TAKE NOTE: There will be NO registration on the day of the course as there is only one instructor. Space is limited to 25 students
  • 14 January 2017, Beckwith Recreation Complex, 1319 – 9th Line Beckwith, 8:00am – 4:00pm. Registration is 7pm to 8pm, 10 Jan 2017, at the Lackey’s house (1405 7th Line, Beckwith). ** PLEASE TAKE NOTE: There will be NO registration on the day of the course as there is only one instructor. Space is limited to 25 students.

Aug 25




Our sport, the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC), OFSC District One, and BEAST are all under serious financial pressure to maintain trail operations while trying to life cycle the aging provincial groomer fleet. To address these issues, and others, the OFSC has developed More on the Snow (MOTS) – a 5 year strategic initiative.


To summarize, the objectives of the MOTS plan are:

  • Increased Participation. By increasing overall participation (through attraction and retention of riders) by 6% to 100,000 permits.
  • Improved Organization Effectiveness. By developing a new organizational structure, reducing the number of organizational layers from three (OFSC, District, Club) to two (OFSC and District) with local clubs becoming chapters of the District.
  • Developing a groomer fleet asset management program and a groomer fleet operational management program.
  • Become Valued Stewards and Partners. By continuing to pursue long term government support programs.


Key points of the plan to highlight:

  • The current groomer fleet is too large to financially sustain.
  • 70% of the fleet is over 10 years old with more than 5000 hours.
  • Groomer Asset Management would allow the OFSC to take a provincial approach to life cycle management (vs the current approach of clubs managing this).
  • Grooming Operational Management would be shifted more so to the District to manage (vs the current approach of clubs managing this).
  • Reduce # of back-up groomers.
  • Remove artificial grooming boundaries between clubs.
  • OFSC bought 16 new groomers to kick start the program at a cost of $4M.
  • Estimate average cost of a purpose built groomer is now $300K.
  • High workload on a small group of volunteers is concerning.
  • Impending new not-for-profit legislation is concerning.
  • Local and provincial grants and other funding opportunities are not being utilized.
  • Reducing in administration costs thru Framework for change was not realized.
  • Standardize the size and operations between districts.
  • Current organizational structure causes barriers.
  • Need to reduce groomer fleet from 360 to 246 by purchasing 101 new groomers and removing 215. Need $4M to $6M annually to achieve plan.
  • Hiring of 6 regional positions to support clubs and Districts
  • Reduce the number of Districts from 16 to 12. This change will allow all districts to have on average 2700 Km’s of trail with 15+ clubs participating.
  • Districts manage all funds. Clubs only coordinate payment of minor expenses.
  • New District structure would see District 1 reorganized to Ottawa Region with 17 clubs (including BEAST) with a total of 3062 kms of trails (down from ~4000 kms)
  • Standardized District bylaws and operating procedures.
  • District 1 is targeted to go from 50 groomers to 29.


Volunteers are getting older and fewer. For years the same volunteers have been doing all the heavy lifting to support their club. MOTS addresses this directly with significant organizational changes to remove the administrative burden away from them.

The details to all of these proposed changes are further explained in documents that can be made available to you. If you wish an expanded explanation of all the changes, please send your request to and the files will be sent to you. There is quite a bit of reading there so do not leave it to the last minute before our meeting.

At this year’s OFSC AGM in September, our club has 2 votes to say yeah or nay to these changes. Your understanding of these changes is very important to us and at our next BEAST meeting on Thursday, September 1st 2016 we will be discussing how we want our delegates to vote. If you can, please make a special effort to come to our meeting to learn more about MOTS.


The future of our club and snowmobiling is at stake.


BEAST Executive

Jun 28


Another great Beast Core Volunteers BBQ courtesy of Mike and Denise at their beautiful White Lake cottage!

Thank You so much guys for your warm hospitality once again!!

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