Nov 14

2010 BEAST Newsletter released

Extra Extra read all about it!  The 2010 BEAST Newsletter is hot off the press… If you were a BEAST permit holder last year and you checked the “OFSC Benefits” box on your permit application you should check your mailbox (that snail mail one…).

You can find the 2010 newletter following the Newletters link on the left of your page.

The past 2009 version is BEAST-NewsletterFall2009

Nov 14

New Website

Well, it may not look much different, but welcome to the new BEAST website.  While it has a similar look and feel, there are a few new features.

  • Online registration for the ALL NEW BEAST Email List
  • Online comments (comment on any article)
  • Better forms for editors to post articles
  • Almost all pages are dynamic and can be changed by editors
  • Online feedback forms
  • RSS Feed for keeping up to date!
  • And much more coming soon!

Feel free to let us know what you think!

Nov 14

BEAST Work Days

We need your help, so get out your work gloves beacuse it’s time to start getting the trails in order.

The BEAST is once again coordinating two main workdays this fall to prepare the trails.  We are looking for any and all volunteers. No matter your experience, we can help you find a way to get involved.

The main dates are currently set as November 22nd and December 6th.  If you can’t make those dates, there will volunteer groups out pretty much every weekend from now until the snow flies and we would be glad to see you out with us.

Please contact Anna at (613) 257-5545, leave a message if she is not there and she WILL call you back.

Jun 10

Special Offer from The Canadian Golf and Country Club

The Canadian Golf and Country Club has extended a special offer to the BEAST and it’s member snowmobilers.

The 3 purchase options for “10 game books” are set up and ready to go.  Anyone interested in purchasing can access the offers from our home page at and enter the corresponding group code on the right side of the page where it says “enter group code”

The 10 game 18 hole West Anytime book is  group code “BEAST18any”

The 10 game 18 hole West Weekday book is  group code “BEAST18”

The 10 game 9 hole East  Anytime book is  group code “BEAST9”

If you have any questions or require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me at 613-253-3290 ext 223 or e-mail me at

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ As of December 4th 2008 Access to the Canadian has changed!

* Take the 417 West and exit on Highway #7, travel for 10 kms on Highway 7,  * Turn left at Upper Dwyer Hill Road (first set of traffic lights ) * Travel 500 metres down Upper Dwyer HIill Road * Turn Left on  Golf Club Way  (OLD Highway 7)the  Canadian is 2 kms down the road on the right hand side.

Jun 10

Another very special thank you!

Sometimes generosity can come from the most unlikely places.  Fellow club volunteer Mark Seabrook from the Canadian Golf and Country Club showed us a perfect example of this when he invited the BEAST volunteers out for a 9 hole tournament and BBQ in May of this spring as his way of saying thank you to the many hard working volunteers of the BEAST.   I must say what an awesome organization that Mark runs there!  I myself am not a big golfer, but I have attended a few tournaments and can appreciate when you find an excellent golf club.  It all started before we even arrived.  The online event registration was first class!  Easy to use and very slick.  After receiving an automated email reminder with tee times, we arrived only a few minutes early and thought we would need to rush to make it to the tee box on time, but that wasn’t the case!  Everything was ready to go and waiting.  The carts were parked up front and we were provided instructions on where to go.  We even had time to grab a quick drink before setting off.  Again, not being a big golfer, I can definitely appreciate the refreshment cart which made extremely frequent visits.  We never did run dry… 🙂   The in cart GPS was awesome and provided easy to use navigation and valuable information such as distance to the green.

It allowed for “electronic” scoring eliminating the paper score cards and even provided real time updates with the team scores and current leaders!

Before long we found ourselves in the tent area typically reserved for large groups where there was way too much food!  We had to try and help eat it all to avoid it going to waste! Or at least that’s my excuse… 🙂   A very special thank you to Mark, The Canadian Golf Club, Dave and Mementos Signs & Awards.

Dave Hunt (aka Krusty) on behalf of ALL the BEAST Volunteers

Apr 24

A special thank you

The BEAST would like to thank BRP and all of it’s members who participated in the their $1,000,000 Volunteer Recognition Program.

The BEAST received almost $500 in cash as well as $250 in bonus money due to the level of participation from our members. We would like to thank BRP for their continued support to the OFSC and member clubs as well as thank those members that participated in the program and dropped off their nomination forms, especially those non-bombi riders that had to venture into the forbidden show rooms.

It is our understanding that BRP will continue this program in the 2009-2010 season and we look forward to even better participation next year.

Thanks, The BEAST

Oct 19

SKI-DOO Million Dollar Club

Yes, you can help raise money for the BEAST and it is simple.  All you need to do is complete a SKI-DOO Million Dollar Club form and drop it off at any SKI-DOO dealer ship.  If you did not recieve a ballot, click the Ski-doo addvertisement on our home page and complete the form, print it out and bring it in.

By dropping off your ballot, SKI-DOO will donate ten dollars to the BEAST up to a total amount of $1,500!  The more ballots we recieve, the more chances we have of winning an additional $1,500.

Don’t delay though, ballots must be dropped of on or before November 15th.  And don’t forget, your participation is important.

Sep 17

New Groomers

Can you do a 2 for 1 deal? That was the big question in June of 2008 when a trip to Sudbury, Ontario uncovered 2 pristine condition BR180 snowmobile groomers. The grooming units came from the state of Wisconsin with very low hours and were well maintained by the previous owners.

There are a number of differences between these machines and the traditional farm tractor/track setup the BEAST has used over the years. The BEAST ran a BR180 last season and it was the first time we experienced the drive system used by these machines.

The quality of trail in this units territory was excellent to superior for the majority of last year.

The BR180s are a little bit easier to maneuver as they employ hydrostatic drive systems to steer the unit rather than rely on a articulated system used on the tractors. This system provides a tighter turning radius and makes it easier to groom some of our more challenging sections of trail in a lot less time. Each of them, tractor vs. hydrostatic drive have their Pros/Cons but the package deal to purchase some relatively new equipment at almost 1/2 the cost to purchase new was too much to pass up.

Watch for our new units to be in the East side of Mississippi Lake and the Stittsville/Richmond Area.

Dec 21

District 1 Raffle

At 7:00 pm on Dec 20th, the lucky ticket was pulled by Anne Marie Wadell from the Township of South Dundas and the winning number was 13715 sold by Eastern Ontario S.C. to Isabelle Gratton of Casselman Ontario.  This is a snowmobile family with Guilline Gratton her brother being the club volunteer that sends in the trails conditions to the district and also attended the Signage Training workshop in the fall.

Sep 17

ADSA Closes The Doors For The Last Time

Keeping in step with the original goals and objectives of the BEAST, the Ashton and District Snowmobile Association has called it a day and voted in spring 2008 to not renew OFSC membership for the 2008/09 season. After being a registered club with the OFSC for more than 28 years, the ADSA decided to follow it?s own heritage by declining the single club membership with the OFSC to complete full amalgamation with the BEAST. This was not an easy decision to make given the past success of the ADSA but the BEAST now has close to a 10 year track record of a very successful organization.

The ADSA volunteers were tired of the duplicate effort to maintain club and association status and have agreed to focus our efforts on the growth of BEAST. The legacy of the ADSA will live in name to some degree with our revised BEAST constitution and bylaws.

ADSA has merged all grooming and financial assets with the BEAST and will also cancel the Non-Profit status with the Corporation of Ontario. If you recall, BEAST member club Stittsville Dwyer Hill Snowmobile Association completed this same merger process in the 2006/07 season and our Richmond Snow Rover club has similar plans for 2009/10.

What this means for the volunteers and members is less paper work required by the OFSC to maintain the single club identity, a larger membership base for permit revenue and more time to focus on trail building, operation and of course, riding our sleds! After all this is what it is about in the first place! What this means for snowmobilers is the same great trails you have experienced for the past several years as BEAST and our clubs worked extremely hard to merge operations with the bureaucratic paper work being the last step of long process.

A fitting presentation was held at our BEAST meeting on August 7, 2008 with one of the original ADSA founders and Treasurer, Stuart Spoor handing over the final ADSA assets to BEAST president Jim Lackey who was also the ADSA President for the past 3 years.