Jun 12

BEAST 2016 AGM and BBQ // 4 Aug 16


May 13

BEAST Landowner Appreciation Dinner 2016

BEAST Annual Landowner Appreciation Dinner was enjoyed by all last Saturday May 7th at the Canadian Golf and Country Club. An excellent Roast Beef Dinner was put on by the Canadian, and after dinner lots of door prizes were handed out to our landowners. Thanks landowners! Thanks to Deb Lackey for organizing this event and her helpers!! Thanks to Jim Lackey for the excellent presentation on the proposed Bill 100 from the Ontario government.


May 06

Beauties of the BEAST 2016 donation to LCIH

Beauties of the BEAST Ride 2016, and the BEAST Club donates $1405 to Lanark County Interval House.http://lcih.org/
L-R: Brian Moreau, BEAST President, Angela Vaughan, LCIH, Sue Chayer, Julie-Anne Bedard

BEAST_LCIH_2016 003 BEAST_LCIH_2016 002 BEAST_LCIH_2016 001

Apr 11

BEAST LETTER TO OUR LANDOWNERS: Bill 100 Truth and Misinformation

As you may be aware, the Province of Ontario is in second reading of Bill 100, Supporting Ontario’s Trails Act, 2015. This Bill was introduced by Minister of Tourism Michael Coteau to help develop and enhance the trail infrastructure in Ontario. The Ministry consulted over 250 different trail groups and organizations encompassing hikers, bikers, snowmobilers, ATVers, canoeists/kayakers, birdwatchers and so on to develop this Bill. The Bill itself makes changes to nine existing laws as well as creating new legislation in supporting of Ontario trails on public or private land. The primary misunderstandings about this Bill relate to the section pertaining to easements. The focus of the remainder of this letter will be dispelling the misinformation being presented about easements.

Before we get into too much detail, the BEAST Snowmobile Club would like to take this opportunity to reassure our private landowners that we do not support this Bill. For the marginal benefit a few changes to existing laws would provide, the resulting anxiety from our landowners is not worth it. The BEAST would also like you to know that we have no intention of utilizing easements to secure trails. Our current Land Use Permission (LUP) has served us well for many years and we will continue to use it. Our intent is not to impede your property rights or handcuff you if you wish to make changes. We are only grateful guests on your land and with respect would like to continue that relationship.

Land Use Permission vs Easement

The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) has used LUPs for over forty years. Basically, the LUP is a contract between the local snowmobile club and the landowner. It describes where the trail is, when access is granted, a cancellation notice period and whatever else both parties deem useful. It is used by the OFSC to ensure that its third party liability insurance covers that snowmobile trail on that property.

An easement is a contract surveyed and registered on title at the Ontario Land Registry office. This easement can be expensive to attain and must have landowner approval. Getting and registering an easement is an entirely voluntary action by the landowner.

Tom Black of the Ontario Landowners Association has been quoted as saying that “even oral agreements are easements.” This is false. An easement is registered on the title. None of our LUPs are registered on the title and they cannot be made into easements as a result of Bill 100.

It has also been suggested that easements can be imposed on landowners. Wrong again. Nothing in Bill 100 imposes easements on anyone.

Landowners, at all times, determine the terms and conditions of any and every agreement.

Your property, your rights!

There was a good article in the Ottawa Valley Business a couple of weeks back titled “Ego Versus Ethics” (Issue 179, April 5, 2016). When you have a moment, please read it.

What is the truth? The right for a landowner to create an easement already exists, but it is our understanding that if a landowner currently allows an easement it is registered on that property title in perpetuity—365 days a year every year until another legal application to remove or change it. Under Bill 100, there would be greater flexibility on the covenants of an easement. For example, a landowner could specify that the easement is from December 1st to March 31st and has a duration of five years. Any potential new owner of that piece of land could see that the easement would expire at some point.
Again, the BEAST Snowmobile Club emphasizes that we are not interested in easements and prefer to use our LUPs.

It has been rumoured that any LUP from OFSC can allow other trail users to use our agreement to access the trail. This is also incorrect. The LUP we have with each landowner is only between the BEAST/OFSC and that landowner. If the landowner wishes to grant access to other trail groups, our LUP does not cover those groups.

The OFSC will continue to use the time-tested LUPs. We are not interested in pursuing easements. We realize we are only guests on your property, and we would like to continue that relationship.

In closing, the BEAST thanks all of our landowners who have graciously offered their land for our trails. We hope this letter helps in your understanding of the facts about Bill 100.


Additional Links
Ottawa Valley Business, Ego versus ethics, issue 179 (5 April 2016): www.ovbusiness.com/userfiles/file/2016%20Issues/Ottawa%20Valley%20Business%20-%20April%205%2C%202016.pdf

Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Bill 100, Supporting Ontario’s Trails Act, 2016: www.ontla.on.ca/web/bills/bills_detail.do?locale=en&Intranet=&BillID=3338

Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs, Landowner concerns in respect of access for snowmobile trails: www.ofsc.on.ca/content/landowner-concerns-respect-access-snowmobile-trails

Ontario Trails News, MPP Randy Hillier, founder of Ontario Landowners Association, responds to OLA claims in the Lanark Era: ontariotrails.blogspot.ca/2016/02/ontario-trails-news-misinformation.html

April 2016 Monthly Column by MPP John Yakabuski about Bill 100.

PDF Version of this Article

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Feb 23

BEAST Achieves 15 Year Milestone with OFSC

The BEAST is registered with the OFSC with 309 KMs  of trail with perimeter towns including Smith Falls, Franktown, Carleton Place, Clayton, White Lake, Lanark, Almonte, Stittsville, Munster, Ashton, Barrhaven and Richmond. We average over 750 permit members, making us one of the largest groups in our district and in the top 10 out of 200 plus clubs for the province.

The BEAST is comprised of four sectors. The SE (previously Richmond Snow Rovers), SW (Ashton south west), NW (Ashton north west) and NE (Stittsville to Munster area)

We are purely run by volunteers! In 2015, the BEAST marks 15 years within the OFSC.

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Dec 03

Time To Order Your BEAST Clothing

We will be placing an order for BEAST clothing on 15 Jan 16 so get your order in before 1 Jan 16.

Full details.

Nov 02

2016 Permits are now $210!


Oct 01

2016 OFSC Permits are Available at a 30% Discount: $180 online only


Go to https://permits.ofsc.on.ca/ and choose the BEAST.

Mar 13

BEAST TV Season 1, Episode 10

By: Andrew MacHardy, BEAST Communications Coordinator

March 13, 2012


Almonte, ON – BEAST TV Season 1, episode 10 has now been released.


Shot and produced in whole by BEAST volunteers, this episode updates the trail conditions and checks in with the past president to see how his experiment worked and highlights a vacant volunteer position.  Maybe this role will just fit your availability.  Watch the complete episode by following the link below.  Stay tuned to BEAST TV to find out when the first season box set will be available!


Mar 07

BEAST TV 110 Failed Experiment and Upcoming Meeting

This week on BEAST TV we will find out about Jim’s “Failed Experiment”,
get the details for the upcoming club meeting and take a quick look at
the trails.