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About Us

The BEAST is registered with the OFSC with about 330 KMs  of trail with perimeter towns including Smith Falls, Franktown, Carleton Place, Clayton, White Lake, Lanark, Almonte, Stittsville, Munster, Ashton, Barrhaven and Richmond. We average about 1000 permit members, making us one of the largest groups in our district and in the top 10 out of 200 plus clubs for the province.

It is our goal to provide a world-class trail system to our members and visitors through improved trail safety, signage and of course, smooth trails.

The BEAST is comprised of four sectors. The SE(previously Richmond Snow Rovers), SW(Ashton south west), NW (Ashton north west) and NE(Stittsville to Munster area)

We are purely run by volunteers, so if you see an area that needs improvement, don’t be shy to come out and own the task, that is how the club grows!

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