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 Position Outline of Duties Incumbent
OFSC Response Coordinator   Jim Lackey
OFSC Response Coordinator (Alternate)   Vacant
Health and Safety Coordinator Maintain an up to date Health and Safety Policy. Vacant
Trail Patrol Coordinator Ensure riders on OFSC trails have the required OFSC permit. George Laight
Trail Patrol Instructor Train new Trail Patrol members. George Laight / Darin McRae
Signage Coordinator Ensure all trail signage is up to OFSC standards. Vacant
Inspection Coordinator Coordinate signage audit and corrections. Brian Moreau
Volunteer Coordinator Promote volunteer development. Julie-Anne Bedard
Permit Coordinator Manage all trail permits assigned to the BEAST. Jim Lackey
Permit Distributor Manage assigned permit distribution points. Stu Spoor / Darrel Drew / Cheryl Mowat
Driver Trainer Coordinator Coordinate driver training education. Deb Lackey
Driver Trainer Instructor Teach driver education courses. Dale Visneskie / Joe Berardelli / Darin McRae
Communications Coordinator Coordinate club communications. Gord Servant
Website Coordinator Maintain website. Darin McRae
Trail Guide Coordinator Produces the BEAST Trail Guide. Dave White
Alcohol Policy Review policy annually with Directors and communicate policy to members annually at AGM. Vacant
Merchandise Coordinator Coordinate purchase / sales of all club promotional items. Deb Lackey
Landowner Liaison Establish and maintain landowner relationships. Brian Moreau / Darrel Drew /Julie Anne Bedard
Club Photos Maintain club photo album. Deb Lackey
Fundraising / Social Events  Committee Coordinate fundraising activities and social events. Coordinate the Landowner / Volunteer Dinners. Deb Lackey / Julie-Anne   Bedard / Dave Poaps / Dave White / Darrel Drew
Trail Section Coordinator Maintain assigned section(s) of the trail. TBC
Trail Maintainers Trail Maintainers maintain the trails including signage and brushing. Too many great people to list but always looking for help.
Trail Patrol Members Patrol trails for unauthorized access and ensure the safety of all trail users. About 30 members.
Groomer Operators Operate grooming equipment. About 12 members.
Sponsorship Coordinator Coordinate fundraising and sponsorship activities. Chrystal Bass


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