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Communication about the BEAST is a critical priority to ensure that all members, snowmobilers, landowners, and other interested parties are aware of the club’s acitivities.

Questions and suggestions may be directed to Darin McRae, BEAST Communications Coordinator

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The newsletter is generally released in the late fall. Here are links to each of our newsletters: BEAST Newsletter Fall 2017 BEAST Newsletter Fall 2016 BEAST Newsletter Fall 2015 BEAST Newsletter Fall 2014 BEAST Newsletter Fall 2013 BEAST Newsletter Fall 2012 BEAST Newsletter Fall 2011 BEAST Newsletter Fall 2010 BEAST Newsletter Fall 2009 BEAST Newsletter Fall 2008 BEAST …

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Neighbouring clubs that connect with BEAST trails: Calbogie & District Snowmobile Club Kingston & Pembroke Snow Trails Association Leeds & Grenville Snowmobile Association Rideau Snowmobile Club West Carleton Snowmobile Trails Association District 1 and OFSC: District 1 Ontarioo Federation of Snowmobile Clubs Important snowmobile laws: Motorized Snow Vehicles Act Tresspass to Property Act Provincial Offences Act


BEAST By-laws 2 Oct 14 2017-07-29 BEAST Constitution and By-Laws Updated – Changes are highlighted in yellow. 

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