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Trail Conditions (Local)


Trails will remain at RED / Not Available for the remainder of the season. We know everyone is excited about the snow, but the melt and warm sun has destroyed the base for this season. Swamps and ditches flooded, froze, water dropped, ice dropped, re-froze. It is all very unpredictable, and hence the Red status. We recommend loading your sled on your trailer and heading North 90 minutes, where trails are still in great shape! Check the OFSC interactive map http://ofsc.mapbase.ca/viewer/ for trails that are open to the north of us.

Thanks for all the volunteers that made it a great season! Keep in mind that all ice / swamps / water crossings are NOT safe.

If you can help out in any capacity let us know and come out to our regular meeting which occurs on the 1st Thursday of every month until June.
Last Updated: 15 Mar  2017

 Click the ‘Trail Name’ to see a small image of the trail. The full BEAST Trail Guide is also available.

Trail Status

Trail StatusSectorTrail Number / NameTrail DescriptionLengthLast Groomed
SledRNEA top Trail MiddleBEAST 205(TCT) to Jock River/Fallowfield Rd12.7 km20 Feb
SledRNEA Top Trail NorthAlmonte to BEAST 205(TCT)14.2 km19 Feb
SledRNEBEAST 200Dwyer Hill Rd to Stittsville (West Ridge-TCT)17.8 km20 Feb
SledRNEBEAST 201BEAST 200 to Stittsville (Hazeldean Rd/West Ridge)3.8 km20 Feb
SledRNEBEAST 203A Top Trail to Copeland/Conley Road7.6 km20 Feb
E104A to A2 km20 Feb
SledRNEBEAST 205A Top Trail North to Carleton Place4.6 km14 Feb
SledRNEE104A EastAshton Station Rd to Dwyer Hill Rd (Ashton swamp)3.6 km17 Feb. Rough for 400 yards. 1 swamp
SledRNE / SEA Top Trail SouthJock River/Fallowfield Rd to Marlborough Forest11.8 km19 Feb
SledRNWBEAST 202Carleton Place to BEAST 30612.9 km13 Feb
SledRNWBEAST 306Wolf Grove Rd to West Carleton Link via Clayton10.0 km8 Feb - Caution: Logging operations on 4th concession
SledRNWBEAST 306 MiddleE104A to Wolf Grove Rd16.0 km13 Feb
SledRNWBEAST 307Innisville (Mississippi Lake) to E104A7.7 km13 Feb
SledRNWBEAST 308Clayton to White Lake - 3 Mile Bay area20.8 km85% sled packed from south
SledRNWE104A WestLanark (Hwy 511) to Mississippi Lake25.7 km13 Feb
SledRSEBEAST 203 EastBarrhaven to Richmond0.0 kmClosed Permanently. Landowner related.
SledRSEBEAST 203 WestRichmond to Copeland/Conley Road via Garvin Rd allowance10.3 km13 Feb from Drummond's Gas Bar to Gavin/Joy's Rd. Entire trail is now open but not fully groomed. Stay between the pickets.
SledRSEBEAST 301Richmond to A Top South Trail @ Kettles Rd11.6 km16 Feb
SledRSEBEAST 302301 South to Rideau A Top Trail (Moore's Camp)6.0 km16 Feb
SledRSEBEAST 303Copeland/Conley Rd. to A Top Trail South @ Soldier's Line Rd10.6 km16 Feb
SledRSWBEAST 304E103 to E104A 9th Line Beckwith To Franktown Road10.3 km9 Jan - Partially groomed but still a lot of hazards
SledRSWBEAST 305BEAST 311 to E103 East of Franktown5.0 km
SledRSWBEAST 309E103 to A Top Trail South21.0 km17 Feb
SledRSWBEAST 311E104A to RSC53 (new rail bed) (Carleton Place to Smiths Falls)23.0 km17 Feb
SledRSWE103 NorthE104A to BEAST 30917.9 km17 Feb
SledRSWE103 SouthBEAST 309 South to BEAST 311 (new rail bedl)8.0 km17 Feb
SledRSWE104A CentralMississippi Lake to Ashton Station Rd15.1 km17 Feb
SledRSWRSC53BEAST 311 to E Top Trail (Rivington Honda)2.4 km16 Feb
SledRSWE Top TrailPerth to Smiths Falls16.6 km16 Feb


SledRNot AvailableTrail NOT available for snowmobile use.
SledYLimited AvailabilityTrail passable for marginal snowmobiling; use extra caution.
SledGAvailableTrail is available to snowmobilers to enter at their own risk.