B.E.A.S.T. is the acronym for Beautiful Eastern Association of Snowmobile Trails. The BEAST is a snowmobile trails association that was made up of Volunteers from 3 local clubs most familiar to people as Ashton District Snowmobile Association (ADSA), Stittsville & Dwyer Hill Snowmobile Association (SDHSA), and Richmond Snow Rovers (RSR).

In 2010, the three founding clubs dissolved, and the BEAST has been sectioned into four managable operational units. Each sector has their own grooming unit and trail director, as well as an executive that sits on the BEAST board.

North West – Almonte, Clayton, Lanark and White Lake

North East – Stittsville, Munster area bording Ashton and Almonte

South West – Ashton south to Smith Falls including Carleton Place

South East – Richmond/Barrhaven

Basically, whenever you see the BEAST, you can relate any one of these clubs to this association.

In 1998/1999, the OFSC (Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs), produced a paper called “Winter Gold – Vision 2005”. In this document, the OFSC had a vision of forming as many clubs from the province into Trails Associations as possible. The goal was to reduce paperwork and administrative overhead at the club level and at the OFSC office. Winter Gold studies also proved that Trails Associations were able to produce larger revenues by merging clubs’ operating overhead into one group. Larger revenues meant that it was easier to buy and maintain large grooming equipment. This vision is still in place today.

Our 3 member clubs bought into this philosophy and started the groundwork to form the BEAST in 1999. The BEAST is incorporated as a non-profit organization complete with constitution/bylaw regulations and is registered with the OFSC. All 3 clubs have combined their permit revenues and operating expenses into a single financial system to maintain trail operations.

Make no mistake, even though the BEAST is the driving financial and operational planning force for these 3 clubs, each club has maintained their identity and relationships with volunteers, landowners and the OFSC. The BEAST wanted clubs to maintain their identities and welcome their ideas to help each of them deliver the best product possible. Landowner and volunteer relationships are of highest priority to the BEAST and we are prepared to do what we can to maintain this by working through the local clubs. The BEAST name may be new, but the concept and commitment to snowmobiling are values that were pioneered and maintained by the legacy clubs.


Ashton And District Snowmobile Association has closed it’s door and completed it’s transition into the BEAST. We would like to thank all those that volunteered with ADSA over the years. Without your base of operations, The BEAST would NOT be what it is today. Ashton is now two of the four BEAST sectors.  BEAST South …


Richmond Snow Rovers As with the other clubs in the BEAST, the RSR club has morphed into a BEAST sector. RSR is now known as the BEAST South East cover the Richmond area trails.  Same old farmfield and swamp trails, with a new name and broader member base.


Northeast Sector: Formally SDHSA (Stittsville and Dwyer Hill Snowmobile Association) Welcome to the 2018 sledding season! Contact: General Stittsville/Munster/Ashton area snowmobiling email contact: Operations It is business as usual. We need crews to get out to address any problem areas, brush hanging limbs, remove numerous windfalls, install gates and start signage before the hunters …

About Us

The BEAST is registered with the OFSC with about 330 KMs  of trail with perimeter towns including Smith Falls, Franktown, Carleton Place, Clayton, White Lake, Lanark, Almonte, Stittsville, Munster, Ashton, Barrhaven and Richmond. We average about 1000 permit members, making us one of the largest groups in our district and in the top 10 out of …

BEAST Sponsorship

  This year we have added more ways to help you reach the sledding community with your business advertising giving you the flexibility to decide how you can best let our community know about your business. We are excited to offer a directional sign service in addition to our online POI listings and website ads, …