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Replacement Permit Contacts

If you need a replacement permit feel free to contact one of these volunteers:

  • Carleton Place area     Jim Lackey, 613-253-5486 home, 613-868-3011 cell
  • Richmond area            Cheryl Mowat, 613-591-1137 work, 613-223-4898 cell
  • Carleton Place area     Stu Spoor, 613-257-1561 home
  • Stittsville area              Darrel Drew, 613-836-3842 home, 613-223-5437 cell


  1. Sean Davidson

    Hi there,

    My current sled had a major engine malfunction and is currently not running needing a new engine but most likely to part out. I bought a new sled on Thursday and have ownership and insurance. I’d like to transfer my trail pass to the new sled so I can bring it out for a ride on Sunday. It is trailpass D013726 and it’s on the now not running 2008 Polaris fst white SN1PD7FSX7C708556 988578. I want to move it to my 2015 Polaris Indy SN1CB6GS9FC548116 2AK162. Could you help me get this processed for Sunday?


    1. Large, NE Director

      Hi. Contact Jim or Stuart under the “Permits” link on the main BEAST page, or Darrell Drew if closer to Stittsville

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