Nov 28

“A – Trail” changes

The A – Trail just south of Almonte has been rerouted. A long time
landowner has seeded out a large acreage of his land. He has
requested us not to use his property for the 2016/2017 season to
prevent crop damage. We have signed the typical entry points to
this land as ” Trail Closed “. Please stay off his property until
further notice. Spread the word so that we can secure future use.
On a positive note, the BEAST has secured access to property on
Old Almonte Road (Patterson Street). This access is limited to
the 2016/2017 season. A big thank you to Salim Houchaimi of
Almonte for helping us out. Salim and his family operate the
Gourmet Restaurant on highway 7 in Carleton Place. If you
have a chance please stop by the Gourmet Restaurant for a
great meal and thank Salim and his family for their help. As
always The BEAST is very appreciative of our landowners
generous support of our club.
To that end we would like to remind all snowmobilers to obey all
signs and “STAY ON THE TRAIL”. Any and all off trail riding
deters future access to private property.

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