Dec 23


Hi all,

The club has been getting complaints of speeding sleds on the Trans Canada Trail. Please remember that this is a shared multi-use trail and sledders must respect other users of the trail.

This is a delicate situation as the City of Ottawa is reviewing the use of snowmobiles on another shared multi-use trail near Osgoode.  We do not need to give them amunition to review the contract that the BEAST has with the City of Ottawa to use the TCT.

It should also be noted that as part of our Licence of Occupation Agreement with the City of Ottawa, snowmobile use is permitted only on the section from West Ridge Drive and heading west towards Carelton Place. Snowmobiling on the TCT and heading east of West Ridge Drive towards Stittsville Main Street and beyond to Kanata is NOT PERMITTED.

Please use some common sense and pass by other users of the TCT very slowly. Keep the hot roddin for some other out of the way place.

Dec. 2010

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